Who We Are

'Transform from the norm' is our ethos. We believe every experience you have in life should make you a better version of yourself. A version that does the opposite of seeking to fit in. This is at the core of our founder, singer/songwriter Rotimo's values. Shockolate Shop is a ROTIMO LTD online store and home to the Rotimo Shockolate chocolate bar; A creation brought about through the love of chocolates, music, and fashion. We are not shy about infusing all these elements into our identity.

Established in 2022, Shockolate shop is brand spanking new and is looking forward to bringing plenty of excitement to the wonderful world of chocolate bars. We'll have lots of fun doing this and hope you'll enjoy the ride with us.

At Shockolate Shop, our environment is important to us. Therefore, we work with partners who are committed to sustainably providing high quality chocolate products for our customers